TAM have set up a line-station for Tus Airways in Cyprus


TAM have organized a line station at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus to support Tus Airways in their operation. TAM services for Tus Airways include a dedicated Saab 340 specialist, based with Tus in Larnaca, Cyprus, as well as a Saab 340 heavy maintenance program to be executed at TAM’s main base in Örebro, Sweden.

For more information on Tus Airways, pls visit www.tusairways.com

For more information on the TAM – Tus Airways agreement, please contact Mr Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director, phone: +46 706 85 5855, E-mail. par@tam.se

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Press release: TAM sets up a line station for Tus Airways
Hi-res photo:
TAM line station for Tus Airways. Photo: TAM Örjan Strömberg