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TAM support aircraft operators and aircraft owners with dedicated line and base maintenance packages, tailor made for each customer's need. This also includes establishing of line stations at operators' locations. We provide fixed and competetive prices for various checks and inspections.

TAM, your premium aircraft support partner!

Founded in 1989, Täby Air Maintenance, TAM, is one of Europe’s leading MRO-providers, specializing in premium regional airliners such as the Saab 340/2000 and ATR families. In addition to traditional maintenance, modifications, repairs and support, TAM also offers a comprehensive Cargo Conversion program for the Saab 340 and, from 2023, also for the Saab 2000.

We are TAM

With a skilled and dedicated team of technicians, TAM is ready to cater for all your needs when it comes to keeping your fleet of regional airlines profitable in the air. Having been in the business since 1989, with some of our original staff still with us, we are confident we have all the experience you will ever need when it comes to maintaining your Saab 340, Saab 2000 or ATR.

TAM's world leading Saab 340 Cargo Conversion Programme

With dozens of aircraft already converted, we know it can be your key to enhanced profitability for years to come.

Our latest news

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TAM – the one stop shop for all your Saab 340, Saab 2000 and ATR technical needs.

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TAM is looking for skilled aircraft technicians, mechanics and sheet metal craftsmen.

Welcome to TAM

TAM is a premium provider of maintenance, repairs and support of aircraft. Our focus is on regional airliners like the Saab 340/2000 and the ATR.


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