Boost for Saab 340 Cargo Conversions

TAM: Boost in orders for Saab 340 Cargo Conversion New Generation
Örebro, Sweden: Introduced to the market about a year ago as an option, Täby Air Maintenance, TAM, has during the summer received eight orders for Saab 340 Cargo Conversion NG (New Generation). With a firm experience from converting numerous Saab 340s to full cargo configuration, the Cargo Conversion NG package has a focus on weight savings, allowing for increase in range as well as payload. Thanks to an extensive use of carbon fibre panelling, the main cargo compartment has been redesigned with enlarged cargo bays. Reducing the number of nets installed in five, instead of earlier eight, positions gives a simplified loading as well as a possibility to load larger cargo units. New carbon fibre window blanks, adds to the weight savings, compared to earlier aluminium window blanks, with total savings on aircraft basic empty weight amounts up to 400 lbs (180 kg).


       Beginning this spring, we see an increased interest for our new generation of cargo conversions, and we currently have orders for eight cargo converted Saab 340s in 2021, up from earlier predicted 4-6 conversions, says Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director.

       This is beyond our previous expectations, and as we are in final negotiations with additional customers, we estimate to have delivered a total of more than two dozen cargo converted Saab 340’s by the coming winter. With 400 lbs, close to 200 kgs, in weight savings the New Generation Cargo Conversion programme will most certainly attract a number of express cargo carriers as well as other short haul cargo operators, as the new version will allow for an increase in range or payload or a combination thereof, Pär Gulle states.

        In general, the current portfolio of services offered by TAM – maintenance and overhaul of Saab 340 and Saab 2000, complemented in 2020 with the ATR72 family, extensive rebuilds, modifications and cargo conversions of Saab 340s – continue to prove to be the right concept for us, Pär Gulle summarizes.