FAA approves TAM’s LPV-modification for the Saab 2000


Örebro, Sweden: On Wednesday, October 25th, TAM’s new, easy-to-install, LPV-solution for the Saab 2000 was fully certified by FAA, followoing an earlier – August10th – approval by EASA (LPV – localizer performance with vertical guidance).

The modification package, developed in-house in collaboration with Canadian CMC Electronics, is tailor- made for the Saab 2000 and allows the cockpit layout to be virtually unaltered, utilizing current screens.

New annunciators from Applied Avionics Inc and nav-database update equipment from Advance Interface Technologies. When installed, modified aircraft will be able to make high-precision approaches to any airport, where older ILS-systems have been replaced with a GPS-based LPV solution due to cost.


The LPV or RNP Approach equipped aircraft will be mandatory in Europe in early 2024.

Beginning this spring, the first system has been the subject of extensive live testing in a Saab 2000, equipped with a Collins Proline 4 system. As the first compliance flight tests were successfully performed, a parallel EASA-/FAA-certification program has been ongoing, with the final EASA test flights done early this summer. Following the EASA certification, the corresponding FAA validation has now been performed.

– “This exciting LPV-modification package, now on offer to Saab 2000 operators, actually began as a customer request. Now, the system is airborne and certified, thanks to our engineers’ deep knowledge of the Saab 2000, combined with a creative ability to ‘think outside the box’” says Pär Gulle, TAM Managing

– “We see an interesting and potentially huge market open up, as the LPV-modification kit is designed in such a way that it is adaptable for installation in other aircraft equipped with Collins Proline 4”, Pär Gulle states.

– “Finally, I also wish to thank FAA as well as EASA for their positive and highly supportive approach to this validation, meeting us with a professional attitude.” Pär Gulle says.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact either

Mr Pär Gulle, Managing Director, par@tam.se, +46 19 24 10 88 / +46 706 855 855,
Mr Peter Thume, Maintenance Director, peter@tam.se,  +46 19 24 10 88 / +46 706 355 355 or
Mr Bengt Sjödahl, P21 Design Office, bengt.sjodahl@tam.se, +46 766 774 306

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Below, please find some photos of the actual, discrete and non-interfering flight deck installation of the LPV controls. For a high-res version, please click on the picture or send an email to Anders Annerfalk.

All photos are free for editorial use, please quote “Photo: TAM”.


Cockpit Pedestal Controls (one set, centre pedestal)

Dashboard Annunciators (two set, one on each side)

Above: Control Panel installation on centre pedestal
Below: Close-up of Control Panels

Above: Actual installation on right hand side of cockpit
Below: Actual set of annunciators
Bottom: Schematic view of annunciators