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TAM finishes two ATR 72s for KrasAvia - first ATR 72s on the Russian register

Three very pleased gentlemen, ready to see the first two ATRs for KrasAvia depart Örebro, Sweden, for the long, multiple-legged flight to their home-base in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, some 700 kms north-east of Novosibirsk. From left: Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director, Viacheslav Podorozhnyy, 
KrasAvia Head of Airworthiness Department, and Peter Thume, TAM Maintenance Manager.

12 Nov, 2020

Örebro, Sweden: Täby Air Maintenance, TAM, has now finished a major overhaul and refurbishment on two ATR 72’s for Russia’s largest regional carrier, KrasAvia, based in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, some 700 kms north-east of Novosibirsk. The two ATR’s will be the first on the Russian register, complementing some 40 Russian- and Czech-built regional airliners like the Yak-42, An-24/26 and the Let 410.

With more than three decades of qualified airliner maintenance experience, TAM has come to be a well-known provider of high quality technical services for the worldwide fleet of Saab 340 and Saab 2000. This spring, TAM expanded its service portfolio to include the ATR 72-family, thus building a firm platform for continuous future expansion. With the first two ATRs coming into the workshops this spring, this current delivery of the two aircraft to KrasAvia is the first to a Russian airline.

    • We are very happy with being chosen to refurbish these two aircraft for KrasAvia, says Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director.
    • KrasAvia is Russia’s largest regional airline, and selecting us to
      prepare their newly acquired ATRs is a significant achievement, and a
      confirmation that the decision to expand TAM into the ATR family was right,

      Pär Gulle states.
    • We have a world-wide customer base for our Saab 340 and Saab 2000
      maintenance, overhaul and rebuild programmes, including various Russian
      airlines and government bodies. With this delivery to KrasAvia, we
      confirm our commitment to provide a first class technical support
      includes the ATR 72-family as well,
      Pär Gulle summarizes

Pär Gulle can be reached here

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TAM finishes two ATR 72s for Russian regional KrasAvia

Engineering training new niche for TAM

From left: Peter Allison (Instructor), Oskar Nilsson, Danek Dusan, Michal Huf, Anders Bjur, Christoffer Antman and Erik Fridlund

September 8, 2020

Örebro, Sweden: Partnering with well renowned UK-based Part 147 approved Angel Training Systems, Täby Air Maintenance, TAM, now offers qualified on-site training at Örebro Airport for Saab 2000 with the same service for the Saab 340 coming soon.

This is a new niche for TAM, fully in line with the company’s vision to be a full service provider for operators of Saab regional airliners as well as the ATR 72, the latter included in the service portfolio this spring.

Aiming to meet the needs for start-ups as well more established airlines, expanding the range of services will enhance the company’s ability to be a “one stop shop” for operators of the Saab and ATR 72 regional airliners. The B1 and B2 training course includes both the theoretical and practical part.

  • We have seen an increasing need for a high-quality technical training course on the Saab 2000 and Saab 340, says Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director.
  • I am very pleased that we have been able to partner with Angel Training Systems, as they have decades of training experience, and we have close connections to a vast customer base, Pär Gulle states.
  • Being able to offer qualified technical training is a way for us to simplify for the operators, as we can assist with covering all their needs for technical support; from line maintenance and AOG-services to advanced modifications and rebuilds, Pär Gulle summarizes.