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TAM and Jet Midwest launch FAA Saab 340 cargo conversion program


To support the large number of Saab 340-operators who wish to share the growing market for air cargo, e.g. to support major courier services, TAM and Kansas City-based Jet Midwest have launched an FAA Saab 340 cargo conversion program.
Based on an in-house concept and defined in collaboration with world renowned STC21 [STC Twenty One Limited is an EASA approved Design Organisation –], TAM’s EASA approved cargo conversion STC for the Saab 340A and Saab 340B aircraft provides a cost effective way to convert this fuel efficient passenger aircraft into a freighter capable of carrying 36 m3 (1,280 cu ft) of cargo.
The conversion features a free loading design with 9G cargo nets, durable wall and ceiling panels, blinded cabin windows, smoke detection system with an annunciator panel and a sealed off cockpit elimination the need for a smoke curtain.
With dozens of Saab 340A’s and -B’s already converted, the successful conversion package is now being offered for the US market in a joint venture with Jet Midwest Group [www.jetmidwestgroup]. Conversion rebuild of the first US-destined aircraft is well under way at the TAM workshops in Örebro, with delivery scheduled for 2016.

For more information on the TAM – Jet Midwest Cargo Conversion program, please contact Mr Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director, phone: +46 706 85 5855, E-mail.

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