With Brexit done by January 31st this year, a number of challenges occurred to TAM, some foreseeable, some not. As UK airlines are a very important customer base and with TAM being based in the EU, it was a period of uncertainty. Hence a very intense period followed for TAM, and finally, TAM has now received a UK CAA Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate.

  • With UK airlines being very important to us, I am very pleased to see that we now are “back in business” in the UK as well, just as we were before Brexit, says Pär Gulle, TAM Managing Director.
  • Now, we can continue to be a key service provider to regional airlines in the UK as well as in the EU and the US, supporting them with what they need to keep their Saabs and ATRs in operation.
  • I wish to express my gratitude to the UK CAA for their kind helpfulness, obviously having gone that extra mile to assist us in finding workable solutions in what one could say were partly unchartered waters, Pär Gulle states.

For more information, please contact Pär Gulle; phone +46 19 24 19 88, email: par@tam.se